We’re students at universities like Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, and Edinburgh who know it’s time to take a stand against the role of technology companies in oppressing migrant communities. We believe that students have the power to dismantle the tech-talent pipeline. Your voice can make a difference in this fight: will you join us?

What We Do

Coordinating student-led research highlighting the role of higher education institutions in housing and enabling violent technology companies

Equipping future and current tech workers with information they need to hold the technology industry accountable for its complicity in human suffering

Hosting teach-ins, talks, and workshops for members of the academic and activist community

NoTechFor: University of St. Andrews

Higher education institutions (HEIs) play a critical role in enabling the violence produced by technology businesses. In fact, that violence wouldn’t be possible without the…

NoTechFor: (E)U

In recent years the European Union has positioned itself as a champion of the rights of citizens to protect their personal data. With the unveiling…
'Racist Fish' graffiti tagged on the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. Photo credit to The Local

NoTechFor: Forced Assimilation

Following the terror attack in Denmark of 2015, the state amped up its data analytics capabilities for counter-terrorism within the police and their Danish Security…

NoTechFor: Health Surveillance

The NHS is giving technology businesses access to unprecedented quantities of patient data for processing and analysis in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of…

NoTechFor: Leidos

In deals worth millions, both the UK Home office’s biometric platform and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are set to gain advantages thanks…

NoTechFor: Anduril Industries

Recent reporting from The Washington Post confirms that the Trump administration has granted Anduril Industries a lucrative five-year contract with United States Customs and Border…
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