We’re students at universities like Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, and Edinburgh who know it’s time to take a stand against the role of technology companies in oppressing migrant communities. We believe that students have the power to dismantle the tech-talent pipeline. Your voice can make a difference in this fight: will you join us?

What We Do

Coordinating student-led research highlighting the role of higher education institutions in housing and enabling violent technology companies;

Equipping future and current tech workers with information they need to hold the technology industry accountable for its complicity in human suffering;

Hosting teach-ins, talks, and workshops for members of the academic and activist community

NoTechFor: Geofeedia

As one of the pioneers of social media search by location software, Geofeedia helped usher in a new age of law enforcement surveillance. The platform…

NoTechFor: Media Sonar

Law enforcement’s use of social media surveillance is growing, and companies such as Media Sonar are at the forefront of this invasion of privacy.  Media…

NoTechFor: OMNY

In 2019, 500 new officers were appointed to the MTA by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to stop “attacks against transit workers and persistent fare…

NoTechFor: Amazon

Amazon’s Ring Doorbell is a seemingly innocuous piece of smart household technology that allows homeowners to remotely monitor their doorsteps. The accompanying app, Neighbours by…

NoTechFor: PredPol

PredPol’s algorithm uses historical crime datasets on location, time/date, and type of crime to produce 500 x 500 square foot areas called “hotspots,” where it…
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