No Tech for Tyrants (NT4T) is a student-led, UK-based organisation working to sever the links between higher education, violent technology, and hostile immigration environments.

No Tech for Tyrants organises, researches, and campaigns to dismantle the violence infrastructure at the intersection of ethics, technology, migration governance, and surveillance. Some of our work includes:

  • Coordinating student-led research highlighting the role of higher education institutions in housing and enabling violent technology companies;
  • Equipping future and current tech workers with information they need to hold the technology industry accountable for its complicity in human suffering;
  • Hosting teach-ins, talks, and workshops for members of the academic and activist community; and
  • Pushing university administrations to develop ethical guidelines for corporate partnerships.

NT4T works alongside our US-based partners, Mijente and No Tech for ICE. We collaborate with our local branches of the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU)Privacy International, and other organisations.