As a part of our mission, organisers at NoTechForTyrants design resources to help activists in severing links between violent technologies and institutions of concern, with a particular focus on higher education institution institutions (HEIs). Below you’ll find a list of our most recent resources –– you can access them by following the title links. **This list will be continuously updated**

Action Consensus
Welcome to No Tech For Tyrants! In this Action Consensus you’ll find guidelines on how to get involved both locally and nationally. Take a moment to look through the document and share it with potential team members!

Ethics and Technology Resource Handbook
In what follows, you will find links to pieces that piqued our interest, and some of our thoughts on their relevance. These links are broadly categorized into 3 sections. In Section I, you will find links to articles detailing recent overlap between ethics and technology. We hope you will use these cases as conversation starters, to determine what questions may be relevant in your own discussions. Section I also includes resources about the scope of applied ethics, from the vantage point of academic philosophy. Section II focuses on the role of philosophy in the technology industry. It touches on the phenomenon of ethics-washing, wherein large corporations engaged in unethical practices co-opt the language of academic philosophy in order to justify their work. This leads us to Section III, where we introduce questions about labor and technology. Section III cites examples of workers and citizens expressing their concern about unethical contracts.

Getting Involved with Migrant Justice: Introductory Steps for University Students
In this one pager, NT4T give suggestions for how to get involved with migrant justice work on their campuses. It is important we plug into existing efforts where possible, avoiding reinventing the wheel and bolstering capacity where we can. Universities play a critical role in either furthering or fighting anti-migrant violence, often furthering the hostile environment and partnering with businesses that facilitate anti-migrant violence.