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NT4T Panel Discussion ‘The University & the Surveillance State’

March 8 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm UTC

What role does the University play in facilitating the establishment of the surveillance state? How does funding from military, defence, and corporate actors shape academic research, as well as legitimise state and business practices? How can technology researchers resist powerful actors co-opting their research for surveillance, expanded policing, and military purposes, and navigate the resulting institutional constraints to ensure justice for marginalised communities?

No Tech 4 Tyrants welcomes Lilly Irani (Associate Professor, UC San Diego), Dr Peaks Krafft (Senior Lecturer, University of the Arts London), Mallika Balakrishnan (NoTechForTyrants), and Dave Maass (Electronic Frontier Foundation) for a panel discussion examining the role of state and corporate funding in university research, the resulting institutional constraints for academic researchers and their shaping effect on research agendas. The panel discussion is followed by a voluntary audience workshop, led by the panellists, which will develop best practice principles to help guide researchers considering corporate and state funding, and related research projects.

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